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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

618 viewsBut it wasn't as easy as picking air conditioning and power steering every time...this sailor was stymied by the price of a heavy-duty battery and he fell short by about $80.
545 viewsHere is Squeeze Play out in the middle of the stage. Its original colorway was a very classy blue and white scheme.
659 viewsThis oughta be good. The doors aren't open all the way and the sign's out.
547 viewsIt's the new Card Game! The big change is that aces can now represent any amount and can be used at any time. And there's an opening bid of $2000.
678 viewsOops! Our next game will be called "Fire That Production Assistant!" This on-air blooper led to the contestant winning a $17,000 motor home in 1983.
551 viewsBob reminds us to watch the show next week for the premiere of The Phone Home Game.
595 viewsRound and round the prizes go! Where they stop -- nobody knows! The original ferris-wheel staging for "Pick-a-Pair"!
485 viewsEEEEEWWW! This horrific looking set of wheels was offered at the end of the Walk of Fame.
542 viewsAnd for you logo freaks, here's another of TPIR's five-digit expansions, Deluxe Dice Game.
442 viewsOne of the numerous prize backdrops used on Give or Keep behind a Presto Fry Daddy deep fryer.
534 viewsCan the phone player bring the on stage player up to $7500 cash?
527 viewsThe TPIR general store is open for business in the classy, rustic set for Trader Bob, a game which unwittingly spawned the more recent Step Up.
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