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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

622 viewsClock Game is being played by two people: a contestant at home will also win the same prizes the on stage woman wins in the game. Note the side-by-side staging of the Play Along stand and the Clock Game board.
536 viewsDecember 1986: The game's the same, but the name's new. "This is an all new game," says Bob, "because it really is 'now or then'." The price can't very well be both now AND then, now, can it?
604 viewsAdd Em Up, a short lived but intriguing number logic game, was played for about four years in the 1980's.
479 viewsThe game board featured slots for the four digits in the price of the car, the ten digits 0-9, and a total square which was the sum of the car price's four digits. There were also two two-digit displays (the 7-segment reflective flip type as in Check-Out) for the sum totals so far.
590 viewsThe Add 'Em Up price prop originally had the Add 'Em Up logo on top, but it was subsequently removed when the game Pathfinder premiered, since the price display was also used on that game.
532 viewsSpelling Bee makes its first appearance in September 1988. The only change the staging of this game has had was the addition of the frequency chart (11 C's, 11 A's, 6 R's, 2 CAR's). The yellow and black honeycomb scheme endures today -- and it's a very sharp look.
643 views1989: The Squeeze Play board has a little extra zip to it today. Bob explains that the motor that operates the board burned out, and Andy (Felsher?) is behind the board operating it manually. Since that point, rather than fix the motor, they've always had a person manipulating the numbers. Notice too that the center panel below the price area is not could actually see Andy's legs in the shot!
586 viewsHere's a dirty trick! Instead of the usual number distribution with three potential first half numbers, they used each double-digit pair other than 00! And yes, on occasion they have used 00!
467 viewsGet your pencils, pens and markers out! It's time for the Gallery Game!
549 viewsBob pretty much says it here. "The more I explain it, the more difficult it's going to sound."
624 viewsHere is the first set-up for 'Any Number' in the familiar original shape. This playing is from 1975.
660 viewsYears ago, when Bob would pitch to a commercial from the turntable, he'd position himself in front of the turntable itself and we'd see the game being spun away. The clock in the "Clock Game" would reset as it spun around. Here's Janice and the "Grocery Game" going bye-bye in the background.
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