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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

766 viewsCheck out this unusual Bump prize reveal from 1990!
589 viewsThere seems to be a problem with staging in this shot. Janice and her podium is practically in front of the Buy or Sell scoreboard. She doesn't seem to mind being the center of attention!
1723 viewsFor a very brief time early in it's tenure on the show, Buy or Sell's game board was placed on top of a giant purple base!
688 viewsIn this playing of Credit Card, a malfunction causes all of the markers to rise, revealing the correct answers as well as the incorrect ones.
572 viewsA painful Check Game loss, losing by only $12! Janice is in the process of voiding the check.
513 viewsChristmas showcase podiums from 1982. Garland abound!
545 viewsHere is a wide shot of all four models showing off "a wonderful array of prizes" during the Credit Card game.
522 viewsThe original setup for the Danger Price game, located behind door number 3. Take note of the giant clocks on the right and the "globe bar" on the left!
578 viewsDian can't get the cookware price to reveal during this 1990 playing of Danger Price. Janice just looks on, not offering any help to the troubled Dian!
1034 viewsA big winner in the Dice Game, ca. early 80s Price!
509 viewsA very old version of the Dice Game. The contestant is playing for a $6,000 Chevy Chevette!
474 viewsThose are REALLY cheap slacks! Actually, the readout malfunctioned and Bob had to ask the staff what the retail price was.
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