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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

453 viewsPlay Along was a short-lived home viewer game where a home viewer won whatever the contestant won in their pricing game.
624 viewsThis contestant from 1988 is about to walk the Golden Road - our namesake game!
512 viewsHere's Bob manually operating a broken Squeeze Play. He took out the number for the contestant... and nothing happened. We are pretty sure he wanted to kick it, but he just pushed the numbers aside instead!
Switcheroo740 viewsOne of the very first instances of Switcheroo being played for a 5-digit car!
619 viewsFour digit Temptation, before it was converted to five digit Temptation (thanks to inflation!).
508 viewsIn the past, a shot of the Showcase winner's total was shown during the credit roll. This process has been replaced by a flashing graphic before Bob reminds everyone to have their pets spayed or neutered. This photo was taken from a 1980's Christmas episode.
523 viewsThe stylized title that introduced the Grand Game in the 1980's.
583 viewsA blooper win on "Range Game." The contestant pressed the STOP button, but the rangefinder didn't stop. They moved the rangefinder back, but when she didn't win, Bob awarded her the prize anyway, joking that everyone at home would say, "Barker, you're a bum!" if he didn't give her the prize.
521 views"Any Number's" current set-up premiered during the 1986 Prime time specials.
508 viewsWhen a pricing game was played near the big doors in the 1986 Prime time specials, they would dim the spotlights around the doors so that they wouldn't interfere with the camera shots.
483 viewsHere's a shot of Bob explaining the rules to "Most Expensive." This shot gives you a good view of the gridwork for the spotlights.
555 viewsA nice shot of the original Showcase Showdown scoreboard as Barker walks the first contestant to her place. It is speculated that the scoreboard was redone to prevent so many contestants from hitting their head on the old design.
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