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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

463 viewsAnitra shows us the first item up for bids -- an O'Keefe & Merritt Contempo Space Range.
432 viewsThe crowd is on the edge of their seats, as everybody is hoping that they will be one of the first in America to be called on down. Notice that TPiR did allow children in the studio audience in the show's early days.
433 views"We're going to be back here in just a while to play another exciting game with another exciting excitable contestant. So please please please don't go away!"
427 viewsActually, Kevin lost his name tag while coming on down, and somebody was kind enough to hand it to him as he wins his one-bid and makes his way up on stage.
433 views"There's three prizes up for grabs, you can win one of those prizes. First of all, let's show you what the first prize is. Johnny Olson, can you point it out please?"
466 viewsHarriet shows us a Hardwick gas range, the second range offered tonight!
476 viewsOr Kevin can win this Glastron 17' Runabout, modeled by Anitra Ford! The package comes complete with engine and trailer. Lucky Kevin...during Johnny's description, he tells Dennis that he's always wanted a boat. Now's his chance.
398 viewsActual retail price -- $550!
419 viewsAn anxious Betty trots to contestant's row. In the back we see empty nose-bleed seats -- we don't see this too often anymore.
406 viewsOf course Kevin can also win that Piggy Bank...but let's hope not. There it is, the game we all now know and love as Any Number.
400 viewsAs game-play continues, we have reached the moment where the next number wins it! Dennis thinks that Kevin calls "Ace" (meaning 1), but Kevin corrects Dennis and says "Eight".
430 viewsNope. The 8 appears in the price of the Range, and that's what Kevin will take home tonight.
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