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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

415 viewsAgain, the audience proves that they know what they're talking about. Betty is the winner, with a difference of $685. Kevin was $2,442 away from the actual retail price of his Showcase.
428 views"Betty, I know you had a great day. Your total winnings were $5,020. That ought to make you a happy little girl. Listen, this is Dennis James saying makes me happy if you watch the show. Don't miss the show next week....if you do then we'll miss you. I'm going to take Betty to her car, bye now!"
604 viewsAnd there is an excited Betty as the show comes to a close.
390 views"Here's the first item going up for bids on The New Price is Right!"
503 viewsOops! The cameraman got caught on camera as Dennis tells us how the one-bids work.
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