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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

344 viewsCBS2 LA ran a promo on the Noon news on 9/26/03 about The Price is Right Live in Reno, NV.
400 viewsHere is the replica of Contestant's Row.
345 viewsContestants are chosen from the audience with keypad controllers, so everyone has an even chance to "Come on Down."
338 viewsHarrah's Casino representative Michael Silberling noted that it was a "Win/Win" situation for Fremantle, TPiR, and Harrah's Resorts to host this new show.
358 viewsThe TPiR 30th Anniversary Special taped at the Rio in Las Vegas.
394 viewsTo the Samba Theater we go for the TPiR 30th Anniversary Special. Over 1,000 people attended this night of fun and big prizes!
388 viewsUnfortunately, the attendance for the Las Vegas Special was grossly underestimated. Thousands of people showed up for the show, many of which were jam-packed into this lobby of the Samba Theater.
493 viewsRod Roddy warming up the audience during the Million Dollar Spectacular.
498 viewsA shot of Rod doing what he does best, talking to the public!
339 viewsThe rules of the Showcase are explained to these contestants during the TPiR Live stage show.
353 viewsThe bids are in, and in moments Todd will reveal the prices and the winner.
328 viewsToday's Reno Showcase features this washer and dryer.
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