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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

816 viewsTons of Anbesol and Absorbine, Jr.! Which one is $6.99?
740 viewsMore groceries lined up in the warehouse.
745 viewsThese cages are used to stock up for a specific episode. When the warehouse is notified of what small items they will need to provide for an upcoming show, they will put all of them in each of these carts to be taken to the studio. When the day of taping rolls around, they simply open these up and all of the necessary grocery products and small prizes and such will be ready to go.
743 viewsStorage for all the TVs offered on the show.
1026 viewsA lone audience member takes a picture of a totally struck stage 33. The Hollywood Squares set would being going up in just hours.
706's the Oneida King James Flatware! ($925!)
809 viewsThis shot is taken from where Door #3 normally rests. The lit up door is the TPiR Green Room.
665 viewsMore storage in the warehouse - here's a variety of different drumsets!
843 viewsAnd a shot of the front of the stage, including what just minutes before was the production area.
723 viewsWe know that this is nearly impossible to see, but here is a nighttime outdoor shot of all the cars TPiR offered during the week.
918 viewsLook what John found....podiums! Problem is, we don't know what show and / or what game they belong to.
806 viewsHere's a good view backstage which would be directly to the far left side of the audience. All of the graphics and supplies for the pricing games are kept in these various drawers.
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