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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

412 viewsThis photo is taken behind Door 3. The first Item Up for Bids for the day sits close to the door, while the prizes for the first pricing game (Clock Game) are behind the IUFB.
460 viewsHere you see how much stuff is stored behind Door 1 during a show. Most Expensive and Hit Me props wait in this area until they are needed on the show
393 viewsThis is a device used to lower the boxes in 1/2 Off.
374 viewsA representative from the Los Angeles SPCA waits backstage with cute puppy up for adoption to be featured on today's show
382 viewsBob, Rich, Shane, Lanisha, and Rachel surround the cake and are flooded with press photographers and flashbulbs!
384 views3 lovely Beauties working the week of our trip: Shane, Lanisha, and Rachel
366 viewsShane, Lanisha, and Rachel: Your models for the first show of Season 34!
385 viewsEach model shows off a pose for the camera
374 viewsBob takes a moment alone with the 34th Season Premiere cake
374 viewsRachel, Rich, Shane, Lanisha pose in front of the Season 34 logo for the press
407 viewsHere you see the back of Dice Game and the cable that is plugged in to control the game
476 viewsA great photo of the hardworking Price Production Team: Stan Blits, Roger Dobkowitz, Karen Wohlmuth, Scott Schalk, Bob Barker, Tiffany Bors, Vanessa Voss, and Adam Sandler
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