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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

208 viewsA fan favorite - It's the Shell Game!
181 viewsA great closeup of the Shell Game ball.
180 viewsHere's a super winner. A very rare feat: This contestant got all 4 chips and guessed where the ball was for the bonus!
163 viewsThere is a ball under one of those shells. Bob begins today by mixing them up.
160 viewsThe contestant may earn up to 4 guesses by winning small prizes displayed. Here he must guess whether this jump start kit is Higher or Lower than $65.
147 viewsHe guessed Lower and he was correct! He earns one chip.
143 viewsThe contestant places his chip next to the Shell he believes the ball is hidden under.
161 viewsHe's grinning because we know he's won. He won all 4 chips! Since he's already won the game, Bob will give him this $500 cash bonus if he can guess which shell conceals the ball.
162 viewsNo bonus. The ball was under Shell #4. He's still won the game, however!
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