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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

311 viewsYou can't say these Producers don't enjoy their jobs.
280 viewsRoger is given a big hug from a happy winner who appreciates everything that the show does for lucky winners!
319 viewsProducer Roger Dobkowitz and Associate Producer Kathy "Fingers" Greco discuss some records with Bob.
361 viewsIn case you were wondering, the topic was COLLEGE KIDS - both producers say that the colleges make TONS of appearances today on TPiR...they can't hold them back!
307 viewsTPiR Producers Roger Dobkowitz and Phil Wayne Rossi discuss the life of Bob Barker for A&E's Biography Channel in 1999.
428 viewsTwice during mid-Season 32, Robin from CBS Wardrobe had to enter the stage to assist Bob with his "static problem."
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