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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

361 viewsBaby Holly tells her playmates that her parents will let her drive home from the nursery in her new car!
385 viewsCarhop Holly looks for people sneaking into the drive in, but can only find things like an organ, a pinball machine and a motorcycle.
440 viewsEveryone's favorite cashier, Janice.
346 viewsHere's Janice, and she's pushed badly her Inspiration putt.
349 viewsBut what's this? It's headed right for the cup! It goes in! Janice isn't even watching!
353 viewsJanice can't believe it, for a change! How did it go in the hole?
399 viewsThe girls try to figure out how the putt went in. As you may be able to see there was a small hump in the carpet on the green, and the ball just dumped off at the right speed and went in.
470 viewsBefore they go to the next game, Bob and Janice gather in front of the studio monitor (note that the slate is covered up) to watch a replay of the putt. When Janice sees it, she just can not stop laughing. Just another day at TPIR!
371 viewsThe unforgettable Kathleen Bradley.
356 viewsHolly shows off those wonderful shorty-overalls with the gold spangles and those rhinestone-studded TPIR t-shirts. When I worked in a warehouse, how come I never got that lucky?
364 viewsThe final prize is a pair of surf jets, and all they have to do is take the tarp off.
380 viewsErr, this is Holly Hallstrom we're talking about here. A girl who could trip over cracks in linoleum. It's not going to be easy. (By the way, she's not in this shot as she is presently tangled up in the tarp.)
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