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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

481 viewsAn amazing Cliffhanger win! Hans stops on 25 and she wins the game!
405 viewsShe got the first number right, then the second, and then the fifth! It came down to one choice for the third number and two for the fourth!
328 viewsRemember Tanya, who played Cover Up in 1996 like nobody else ever had?
451 viewsAt that point she'd won the game because she got an extra turn if she got the fourth number wrong! And she needed it! The board has five numbers left -- the least the board can show at the end! Brava, Tanya!
350 viewsLinda Cardellini from "Freaks & Geeks" becomes the second KNOWN actor or actress to be called to 'Come on Down' prior to her fame.
366 viewsLinda Cardellini was one of the first four contestants on her show, way back in 1993!
344 viewsUnlike Vanna White, Linda reportedly did make it out of contestant's row, but did not win her Pricing Game.
366 viewsAn early playing of 'Grand Game' featured an excited contestant named Pauline, who won the $10,000, and then chased Barker across the stage for a kiss. Though Barker was quick, she eventually caught him.
349 viewsHere is a contestant, reaching into the $100 pocket! This practice was ended long ago, and now Bob just hands perfect-bid contestants their bonuses.
348 viewsLook out Bob! It's another Samoan contestant excited about winning a big prize. This one may be small, but she's got a strong arm, as she crushes Barker in a bear hug!
342 viewsIn what has to be one "Shell Game's" all-time funniest moments, Deborah gets confused about how to play and lifts a shell as if she's going to place the chip under it. Bob says, "That's the dirtiest trick anyone has ever played on me!"
372 viewsA winning contestant gets so excited she forgets to thank Bob...who is left alone on the turntable.
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