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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

904 viewsHe's at it again! Bob shows no mercy on an uncooperative lock when the key jams in "Master Key." Careful, Bob: that's a $5,000 key!!
738 views"Something for every room in your home." This showcase always had a unique beginning: the stage was dark except for the chase lights around the doors. As the doors opened, revealing silhouettes of the prizes, the full lights would come on so that Johnny could describe the prizes.
945 viewsBob was in the middle of explaining the rules to 'Barker's Bargain Bar' when he noticed that the neon sign was missing. He joked that he just couldn't go on and then sat down on the green border of the big door, breaking a bulb! He then joked that he felt like he was on 'Truth or Consequences!' It's assumed that the neon sign was being repaired, but its absence was never explained.
937 viewsThrough most of the show's run, credits and most other on-screen graphics were done the 'old-fashioned way.' Here is a shot of what the credits looked like for the majority of this time. This episode aired in 1985.
719 viewsJohnny Olson joins Dian Parkinson, Holly Hallstrom, and Janice Pennington in a showcase skit. This one contained prizes revealed as the models took a tour of the Orient. Johnny played a waiter in a Chinese restaurant who served up prizes.
697 viewsHere's the logo used as a bumper shot in the nighttime syndicated version. This logo was shown after the winner of the showcase was revealed leading into a consolation prize plug that happened just before the credit roll. How '80's can you get?
635 viewsBob Barker as he appeared from the beginning of 'The Price is Right.' On the first episode, he assured fans of the original version of 'TPIR' that they'd love the new surprises waiting for them!
767 viewsThis is the first time Bob entered the stage on September 4, 1972. Note that there was not yet a Barker Wall: the elements behind him became the background for the first item up for bids: a fur coat!
723 viewsHere's a nice wide shot of the people lucky enough to be sitting in Studio 33 for the very first taping of 'The New Price is Right.'
606 viewsOne of the favorite features of the showcase was the many movie spoofs, called Flaky Flicks. One of the greatest ones was Socky.
577 viewsAnd here's Socky, a professional boxer on his way up in the world. Sure he won fights, but he lost more than his share too, and many of his opponents regarded him as just a punching bag.
609 viewsHolly Hallstrom played his plain-jane girlfriend, in a bow to Talia Shire's role as Adrian, the pet shop worker who was Rocky's girlfriend in the actual film. Holly put in a great performance in this showcase despite no dialogue.
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