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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

468 viewsA close-up of Bob's footwear during several shows taped after he broke his toe. Asked why he didn't just wear two tennis shoes, he explained that he didn't like the look of tennis shoes with a nice suit. No wonder he's won awards for being the "Best Dressed Host!"
432 viewsBob: "It's supposed to say 'Barker's Bargain Bar' up there."
495 viewsJanice has a surprise for Bob, who's still sporting a tennis shoe over a broken little toe: she (along with the rest of the staff) are wearing one tennis shoe with him! Note that Bob is pointing to her tennis shoe.
386 viewsJanice tried to prevent disaster, but Bob didn't listen.
584 viewsIt's time to play "Bump," and Janice and Dian are ready to play, and picking on ol' Barker with their tennis shoes!
412 viewsBob joked that he couldn't go on and started to sit on the border of the big doors saying, "I just can't go on!"
443 viewsBob realizes his mistake a little too late: "Now I know I can't go on...I sat on a bulb!"
457 viewsBob became concerned about the guest pet up for adoption when he spotted a bandage on its paw. Of course, once he realized that the dog was going along with the gag about Bob's broken toe, he got a big laugh out of it. They were having too much fun on this episode!!
514 viewsThe bulb didn't shatter; it broke cleanly from the socket.
591 viewsBob and Janice nearly get zapped when she tries to push the bulb back together, causing a giant spark!
511 viewsBob introduces some special guests in the audience. From right to left, that's Bob's brother, Kent; and Bob's nephews, Chip and Bob.
460 viewsAt the end of a 1988 show, Bob thanks the Academy for three Emmy® Awards the show received: one for Outstanding Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control, one for Outstanding Game Show Host, and one for Outstanding Game Show.
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