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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

586 viewsOops! Dian and Holly were given the assignment of revealing the $15,000 top prize for the "Phone Home Game." Unfortunately, for this playing, they were holding the banner backwards, so when they pulled the two retractable scrolls away from each other to reveal the banner, this is what we saw!
792 viewsPoor picture quality, but you get the idea: from the same episode in 1988, this is how the show logo and copyright notice appeared. For trivia buffs, 'Price' used roman numerals for copyright notices until they switched permanently to Chyron. The year 1988 (MCMLXXXVIII) is the longest roman numeral year they ever had to type out for the credit drum.
496 viewsContestants' Row as it appeared on the first episode. Note that the displays were originally the eggcrate design, and that the winning bidder was noted not only by a flashing bid but by a Goodson-Todman asterisk (seen on the fourth display).
471 viewsThe original showcase podiums. Note that the missing panel above the eggcrate display was added after the showcases had been chosen. (See next picture.) The original version of the showcase podiums had no Goodson-Todman asterisk.
526 viewsWell, that's a LITTLE better...but what's with the black space between the showcase title and the bid display? This was a short-lived manual showcase reveal. Bob pressed a button and the top flap would flip down to reveal the actual retail price of the showcase. (See next photo.)
541 viewsDuring this playing of Trader Bob, Janice collided with another prize causing the price tag to reveal itself. Bob suggests to the producers that they would have more winners if they played all the pricing games this way!
543 viewsNotice something odd about the sliding door to the van? Janice was driving it out onto the stage for a playing of 'Lucky Seven' on the 26th season premiere, when the door got caught on the side of the turntable. As Barker made fun of the situation -- and Janice's driving -- she explained that in rehearsals, the door had been closed! Wonder if the California Highway Patrol would have accepted that as an excuse?
527 viewsYour bid is what??? Actually, this was a graphic used for a showcase skit all about "area codes." An area code would be shown and then a trip to that location was offered as part of the prize package.
571 viewsNot even your luggage is safe with Holly.
741 viewsA strike! Holly knocks down her bike and just about takes Janice out with it as well.
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