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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

601 viewsThrough divine intervention, Socky wins the title, beating opponent Johnny Jock with a lucky punch. His girlfriend accepts $1000 prize money and goes with Socky on a South American cruise. Dian and Jan (behind Socky) were the "cornermen" for the bout.
669 viewsTime for another Flaky Flick, Nitwork.
533 viewsThe nitwork's sultry weather girl announces she's going to do something which would be a TV first in order to bump up the show's ratings.
535 viewsDiana Voracious, head of programming at the network, offers the weather girl $1000 cash not to carry out the stunt. Most Flaky Flick showcases included the cash in order to give the story as much time as possible to play out. Some Showcases back then clocked in at just over four minutes, a lot of time for a Showcase back then.
511 viewsBut the weather girl is intent on carrying out her stunt, which is performing a striptease on the air! An upset Diana makes a frantic call to someone who can save the day...
558 views...Johnny Olson! Diana tells Johnny to get something to cover her weather girl up, if not for the sake of the newscast, for the sake of the Showcase.
541 viewsAfter rummaging around backstage, Johnny finds a Chinook camper which will do the job.
534 viewsAnd Diana and her assistant can relax, for now anyway...the contestant won this showcase and will soon be driving the camper off the stage!
531 viewsAnother popular 70's showcase was Johnny's Schoolhouse, where Professor Johnny tried to give lessons to two rowdy youths. Initially Johnny did pre-recorded copy for this one, but in time the stage portions were miked and Johnny, Holly and Janice all had speaking parts.
462 viewsThe lesson today concerns hats and activities related to them. Who would wear this hat?
542 viewsHolly is probably thinking about lunch right now.
469 viewsJanice couldn't tell you either, since she just woke up.
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