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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

564 viewsBut Johnny's class wasn't all burnouts and losers. His star pupil was poodle-skirted goody-good Dian, who always had the right answers.
969 viewsThe credits that made 'Price' fans cringe back in 1988. For the first time, credits were run off of a character generator instead of the old-fashioned crawl board. This experiment was short-lived until electronically-generated credits became the norm in the late 1990's.
675 viewsA rare tel-op slide, used by local stations -- and even the Network itself -- when something went wrong. This one, featuring Bob, Janice, Dian and Holly, was used some time around 1987.
525 viewsAt Johnny's carnival Holly can win prizes by shooting the monster (Janice).
652 viewsFrom a 1982 show, it's truly a family affair as Bob's mom Tilly and brother Kent are in the audience. Looks a lot like Bob, doesn't he?
673 viewsJeanne and Margaret, the first two bidders, are instructed to look at the next item up for bids. They mistakenly believe the next item will be the Plinko sign.
512 viewsBig John, in his usual spot outside the law offices of Olson, Olson, Olson and Olson, accosts a cowboy to ask her a question. She politely tells the interviewer, "That's cow person, turkey."
494 viewsIt's "Soap Opera Week" on TPIR, and "As The World Turns" stars Meg Ryan and Frank Runyeon are about to surprise a contestant with a trip to New York to be an extra on the soap.
575 viewsThe TPIR train makes one of its first Showcase appearances as it brings on a trip sign heralding a European rail excursion. The train would thereafter be featured once every few weeks as it chugged into the train depot, loaded with prizes. The train's "wah-waaaah" wolf whistle was taken from the soundtrack of an old Three Stooges short.
557 viewsJon Darby takes time out from "The Young and the Restless" taping to visit his girlfriend, Holly. They were quite the item for about two years back in the 1980's.
609 viewsWho's been messing with Barker's putter?
655 viewsWHEN GAMES COLLIDE! On another occasion where a Super Ball got stuck on the top of the ring, Janice brought out Barker's Plinko Stick to get the thing loose. (The contestant even got credited with the $50 for the practice ball!) Barker said "This game doesn't know that's a Plinko Stick...that's why it worked!"
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