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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

486 viewsAs he has for nearly every one of the proceeding 4999 shows, Bob Barker makes that famous walk to his spot just in front of Contestants Row.
456 viewsBob, the winner, and the entire crew wave at the end of the 5000th show.
507 viewsFormer Barker's Beauty Gena Lee Nolin visited the crew on the 5000th show, and helped present the cake. Here she hugs Roger Dobkowitz.
416 viewsCBS Daytime exec Lucy Johnson tells Bob Barker that Studio 33 at CBS Television City is being named in his honor.
447 viewsApril 8, 1998: "The Price Is Right" celebrates its 5,000th first run episode on CBS...something no game show in daytime network television has ever done. Soap operas can last for 40 to 50 years on about a game show?
564 viewsThe first week of the fourth season was "Anniversary Week," which consisted of five hour-long shows as experiments. Obviously, the experiment worked.
550 viewsBob picks on Janice, who looked over his shoulder while he was taking a peek at the next slip in 'Punch a Bunch.' He's imitating her reaction (at seeing the $10,000 slip), which he says completely blew the suspense he was trying to build. One of several funny moments between Bob and Janice on this game over the years.
511 viewsBarker studied karate under Chuck Norris himself. When games didn't cooperate, he'd sometimes demonstrate his talent. Here, the 'Squeeze Play' prize reveal flap gets jammed for the second time in PiR history, and Bob gives it a kick--to remind the prop just who's the boss!
503 views...and let Janice explain how to play the Check Game in her own words!
556 viewsDuring the Check Game, the contestant starts asking Janice what she should write the check for! Bob decides to have fun...
509 viewsThis trash compactor has a mind of it's own! Janice and Dian are having such a hard time getting the door closed, Bob jumps in to help out. Bob looks like he is saying "Shouldn't this be a Holly problem?"
466 views...Yikes! Here is Holly, playing a crazy lunatic on this episode of "The Edge of Taste!"...
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