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Last additions - Missing In Action: PENNY ANTE
1530 viewsJust for kicks, a picture of Bob in front of the first Penny Ante loss in history! Aug 23, 2007
1294 viewsIt was 63¢!Aug 23, 2007
1377 viewsWhich of these remaining prices was the correct answer?Aug 23, 2007
1316 viewsThis board at the top of the prop would signify how many pennies the contestant had collected from wrong answers. The contestant could continue to play until he or she collected 100 pennies. The values of the guessed prices represented the amount in pennies the contestant would rack up if he or she was incorrect.Aug 23, 2007
1651 viewsLook closely to the top. You'll note that this contestant has accumulated 151 pennies, signifying a loss.Aug 23, 2007
1537 viewsFor an incorrect answer: Instead of the familiar "NO" sign, this original panel would be revealed and pennies would fly out as the flap opened.Aug 23, 2007
1605 viewsWhat a cool angle! Aug 23, 2007
2077 viewsHere's a nice picture of Bob in front of a perfectly played win on Penny Ante. This was the first time the game was ever played!Aug 23, 2007
959 viewsThe flap is still flyin' open! A 2nd correct price means we have a winner! Aug 23, 2007
958 viewsA nice close up. Take note of the neon tubing around the price that will light up if this is a correct price.Aug 23, 2007
952 views79¢ was a correct price! In the original version, the 2 correct prices were placed anywhere on the board of 8 possible prices. This arrow would signify that this was the correct price for the Cookies. Theoretically, you could get lucky and price incorrectly for one product and correctly match the other. Aug 23, 2007
1120 views...and the camera would ZOOM in to the price as those fun chaser lights lit and the nifty sound was played...Aug 23, 2007
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