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1715 viewsFor a very brief time early in it's tenure on the show, Buy or Sell's game board was placed on top of a giant purple base!Dec 16, 2012
1026 viewsA big winner in the Dice Game, ca. early 80s Price!Dec 16, 2012
654 viewsThe actual retail price is....Dec 16, 2012
631 viewsThis contestant from 1988 is about to walk the Golden Road - our namesake game!Dec 16, 2012
Switcheroo748 viewsOne of the very first instances of Switcheroo being played for a 5-digit car!Dec 16, 2012
580 viewsIt's "Wok" of Fame! Terrible joke, we know. We couldn't resist!Aug 27, 2007
664 viewsBob introduces America to the Big Wheel in the first permanent hour-long show from 1975. There were no green sections and no "bonus" spin -- only a $1,000 bonus for getting $1.00 in one or two spins.Aug 27, 2007
645 viewsBob tells the contestant she stopped on a nickel and that she needed to spin again. Hold on there! Bob finally realizes that the "9" fell off the side of the big wheel and the contestant wins with 95 cents!Aug 27, 2007
521 viewsBack in the early 1980s, nothing was placed on the floor in front of the big wheel. This blank space was soon replaced by two red circles, one for the spinner and one for the contestant in the lead. In 1994, this was replaced by the carpet from Doug Davidson's version of the show. Nowadays, a wider red and yellow carpet covers this spot.Aug 27, 2007
475 viewsBob sweetens the pot by offering a $500 bonus if she can guess which shell is concealing the ball.Aug 27, 2007
444 viewsThis is always a happy sight in "Shell Game!" The contestant has guaranteed herself a win by getting a chip in front of each shell.Aug 27, 2007
490 viewsFrom the first permanent hour long show in 1975, here is Bob explaining the rules of the showcase. It's interesting to note that in this show, the big winner got the podium with the green asterisk instead of the red. Eventually, the red asterisk was placed in front of the big winner.Aug 27, 2007
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