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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Last additions - The Props
1409 viewsRemember the home player games from the 1980's? The art card on the left was used to explain to the audience where to write to have a chance to win prizes at home. The art card on the right was used for the ticket plug, which has now been replaced by a graphic.Aug 23, 2007
952 viewsThe cards used to win a car in the Spelling Bee game. Aug 23, 2007
1201 viewsWhen Bob reads the actual retail price of a showcase, this is what he's looking at. These cards are placed in a small gray paperboard holder so the prices are concealed. Aug 23, 2007
1272 viewsA close up of the Showcase podium. Note the actual retail price card holder on the right side of the podium.Aug 23, 2007
1087 viewsThese are the old small prize displays used for the retired game "Superball!"Aug 23, 2007
1161 viewsThis plus sign was used back when the game was known as "3 Strikes +". Today it sits under the gameboard, never to be seen on camera again. Aug 23, 2007
1222 viewsThe Plinko sign sitting on the back of the turntable.Aug 23, 2007
1153 viewsJohn working dilligently not to go over $21. See how well he's doing?Aug 23, 2007
1232 viewsComing to a station near you: THE MISSING SKIN CAPER. This notice was posted back in the storage area. Aug 23, 2007
892 viewsTPiR Miami Beach style.Aug 23, 2007
1055 viewsThis $1000 bill is hanging up on the walls backstage. Although we are uncertain of its roots, we will venture a guess that it was once part of a Showcase.Aug 23, 2007
1040 viewsHere is an example of an art card used when describing a vacation on TPiR. You'd never guess, but when shots like this are shown, they are taping directly next to the producers' table. Aug 23, 2007
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