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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

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202 viewsThis is GOOD!Aug 24, 2007
357 viewsI don't even have to tell you. It's quite obvious that this contestant won himself a new Ford Explorer with just 2 choices.Aug 24, 2007
326 viewsHere is a great shot of the Five Price Tags with Claudia.Aug 24, 2007
198 viewsThis is BAD.Aug 24, 2007
178 viewsIt's true, and he wins a chance at the truck.Aug 24, 2007
188 viewsThe first small prize is marked $20. Is that true or false? A correct answer gives this contestant a chance to win that truck.Aug 24, 2007
298 viewsHere are the Five Price of them is the price of that truck - will the contestant win it?Aug 24, 2007
294's Five Price Tags, for a chance to win a new truck!Aug 24, 2007
277 viewsAnytime Bob goes to the right side of Door 2 and no game is revealed in advance, it means...Aug 24, 2007
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