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716 viewsJanice rockin' out - play that guitar!Dec 16, 2012
522 viewsHolly, Dian and Kathleen visit Vicki Lawrence in 1993 just before Dian's exit from the show. Vicki also played host to Susan Stafford, Carol Merrill, and Summer Bartholomew in the episode.Aug 26, 2007
517 viewsHolly makes a less-than-inspired "Inspiration Putt" in "Hole in One...or Two"Aug 26, 2007
501 views"The Price is Right's" answer to the Andrews Sisters: Dian, Holly and Janice sing the plug to a Karioke machine up for bids. Unfortunately, they never released an album!Aug 26, 2007
394 viewsBob has Janice stay on stage after making his entrance. He asks her about exercise, and reveals to the audience that she recently hyperventilated and passed out while exercising. She adds that she had bitten her tongue and had to have stitches! Ouch!Aug 26, 2007
369 viewsCarlos deAbreau, husband of Janice Pennington, visited the show and was pointed out to America (much to Janice's surprise) by Barker.Aug 26, 2007
477 viewsBob keeps Janice on stage after she whispers to him that her beloved husband, Carlos, is in the audience. Janice didn't mean for Bob to point him out, thus the look of surprise on her face!Aug 26, 2007
473 viewsOn one show, when Janice Pennington was ill and not able to work, Kyle Aletter filled in for her. Her mother, actress Lee Meriwether, brought her daughter to the studio and took the opportunity to hand Bob Barker his microphone.Aug 26, 2007
506 viewsThe item up for bids was a set of encyclopedia. Dian became so engrossed in one volume that she walked down from the turntable and bumped into Barker!Aug 26, 2007
451 viewsOne of Idaho's finest citizens, Brandi Sherwood, from one of her first appearances.Aug 26, 2007
440 viewsNikki Ziering has just passed her spelling test. Barker's Beauties always get the perfect grades.Aug 26, 2007
447 viewsKyle Aletter, daughter of Lee Meriwether, substituted for Barker's Beauties in the late 80's. Here, she gets a big round of applause for her exercise technique!Aug 26, 2007
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