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432 viewsHeather Kozar is up for a water balloon fight! Or has she already been in one?Aug 26, 2007
414 viewsWhat do you do when you're modeling a refrigerator that's loaded improperly and it nearly crushes you? If you're Janice Pennington, you make the best of the situation and keep smiling.Aug 26, 2007
492 viewsWhen Bob let his hair go gray, Janice Pennington, chalk in hand, decided to adjust Bob Barker's portrait on the $10,000 bill during a PunchboardAug 26, 2007
426 viewsModel Janice Pennington was hired by Mark Goodson, who told her that "The New Price is Right" might last for a few years. She stayed with the show for twenty-nine years. Here she is on the very first episode, modeling a range. This episode aired on September 4, 1972!Aug 26, 2007
447 viewsMurphy's Law really liked Holly. During this playing of 'Most Expensive,' she couldn't blame her problem with the price sign on a missing button!Aug 26, 2007
447 viewsModel Holly Hallstrom became a fan favorite, in part, because of her charming misadventures onstage. She's smiling for the camera, completely unaware that she was holding the sign upside down. In this particular case, it was explained that the small catch on the back of her blouse had broken just before the act began, and that stagehands had to duct tape the back of the blouse to her back to keep it on. Holly joked that she was just 'confused'!Aug 26, 2007
379 viewsHolly takes her Price Scout oath.Aug 26, 2007
346 viewsBefore she became Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, Gena Lee Nolin paused during a safari bonus prize to show off a camera. (1994)Aug 26, 2007
385 viewsChantal wants you to know if you win the Byrd Indy Racing Car, you also get the instruction book free of charge.Aug 26, 2007
455 viewsBack when it was Janice, Dian and Holly, Barker would often bring the models out for a brief conversation. He'd ask them about the men in their lives, what they did on their days off and how they stayed in such great shape.Aug 26, 2007
377 viewsDian got busted again! (Like once wasn't enough...)Aug 26, 2007
383 viewsErr, this is Holly Hallstrom we're talking about here. A girl who could trip over cracks in linoleum. It's not going to be easy. (By the way, she's not in this shot as she is presently tangled up in the tarp.)Aug 26, 2007
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