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539 views...and Smuckers Grape Jelly.Aug 26, 2007
512 views...Jet Dry water spot preventer...Aug 26, 2007
580 viewsAnitra Ford, model from 1972-1977, was a one-woman Grocery Game on this 1976 episode. Here she is with Baskin Robbins ice cream...Aug 26, 2007
518 viewsKyle Aletter, daugher of Frank Aletter and Lee Meriwether, was a substitute Barker's Beauty in the 1980's. She would even participate in the Barker's Beauties Interview when she was on the show.Aug 26, 2007
505 viewsHolly explains what she's looking for in a man during a Barker's Beauty Interview.Aug 26, 2007
625 viewsIsn't that cute! A little combo Washer and Dryer for when you have only three shirts to do. Even as early as 1973, Janice had her style down.Aug 26, 2007
580 viewsAnitra Ford knows "You'll love it at Levitz"! And we love us some loveseat!Aug 26, 2007
596 viewsLike hang-gliding? Then you'll love Jan's Happy Legs pants!Aug 26, 2007
512 viewsDian tells Bob during one of his many Barker's Beauties interviews that she's always asked what kind of person Bob is really like. He wanted to know how she responded. Her response, "Well, I'm no dummy!"Aug 26, 2007
582 viewsJanice Pennington knows how to think on her feet. When a tennis ball machine failed during a one-bid, she didn't get flustered...she just picked up the tennis balls from the bin and threw them herself. Barker complemented her on her ingenuity, then joked that the show had probably just lost a sponsor. Aug 26, 2007
528 viewsThe lovely Janice Pennington tells all during a Barker's Beauties interview in the mid 80's.Aug 26, 2007
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