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Last additions - The Prizes
298 viewsThe first item up for bids is a lawn tractor, with no model! To the winner also went a supply of soap. Since no model was present, a close up shot of the product was done. We aren't sure if this was an accident or not.Aug 27, 2007
400 viewsA Master Key prize reveal in the early 1990s. Prizes for this game are still presented the same way today.Aug 27, 2007
413 viewsIt's Dian showing off a new Lincoln Continental from 1990! Check out the snazzy gold and ivory platform!Aug 27, 2007
412 viewsThe lovely Janice Pennington and two new Ford Festivas from 1990. This was part of a showcase that retailed for only $17,000!!Aug 27, 2007
298 viewsDian is modeling this next item up for bid, an original flokati rug from Janis Imports!Aug 27, 2007
320 viewsAfter the giant cruise prop was retired, this smaller setup was used to present cruises during showcases and prize reveals.Aug 27, 2007
300 viewsThis is how cruises were given away in the 1980s. No canvas skins with painted destinations on them -- a giant cruise ship prop was used!Aug 27, 2007
323 viewsWhat does this 1990 Mercury Capri convertible have in common with One of our members, JMangin, used to drive one! This car's model has been long since discontinued.Aug 27, 2007
321 viewsThis was part of a showcase skit from 1990. Janice is modeling a spa, and at the same time is being attacked by an alien ship from outer space! Aug 27, 2007
349 viewsBack in the late 1980's and early 1990's, an "Around The World" showcase always was presented this way. Today, a graphic has replaced this lovely presentation.Aug 27, 2007
442 viewsA Nissan Sentra from 1990, before Price stopped giving away foreign automobiles. Take notice of the strange backdrops behind the automobile!Aug 27, 2007
353 viewsUgh! Another classic from Zoe! They probably had a lot full of these electric cars to give away back in the 80's.Aug 27, 2007
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