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Last additions - The Prizes
359 viewsHere's the famous Africa trip backdrop, before TPIR referred to the junket as a "photographic safari".Aug 27, 2007
445 viewsThis is a prize setup for a playing of Master Key from 1983. Nowadays, cars are placed on a riser that highlights the car as opposed to making the car level with the surrounding prizes.Aug 27, 2007
514 viewsEvery TRIP in the house! The trip signs were flipped with an "Every Trip in the House" logo, each in a different color.Aug 27, 2007
390 viewsYikes! Looking more like gals waiting for the doctor than game show models, Barker's Beauties do their best monkey sculpture in a green velvet seating group.Aug 27, 2007
296 viewsA kit? Could they be more vague? (The prize in question was actually two pairs of Vise-Grip pliers.)Aug 27, 2007
355 viewsJanice holds up 100 shares of American Motors Corporation stock. Stock was a popular prize in the mid-1970s.Aug 27, 2007
413 viewsWhat's at the end of the Golden Road today? A 1976 Lincoln Continental...a car so big it took all three of Barker's Beauties to show it off! The actual retail price turned out to be just over $12,000!Aug 27, 2007
316 viewsJust about once every show, TPIR would mention "The Famous Spiegel Catalog Company", It became a staple of the show for about five years until the company decided to become more upscale and withdraw their game show support. "Spiegel, Chicago, 60609" is the best remembered tag line of this company, now based in Virginia. Aug 27, 2007
375 viewsThe H.J. Schierich Cabinet Co. of Louisville, Kentucky, flooded TPIR and "Concentration" with two ubiquitous items, their bar base (shown here) and a burner base with four electric burners in the design. The interior of the clam in the old days had the same design as the back side of the turntable. Wonder if that Formica counter glows in the dark?Aug 27, 2007
300 viewsAnd with Spiegel on board, all the other catalog houses came out of the woodwork, including Sears, Montgomery Ward, Western Auto, and "The Catalog People", Aldens, who even concluded their tag with "Chicago 60607"!Aug 27, 2007
394 viewsFor Tom Kennedy's nighttime syndicated version, the camera dollied across the stage showing an array of prizes. Johnny Olson's opening spiel was: 'Here it is, all new...a show sparkling with excitement because a fortune in fabulous prizes may be won tonight...if THE PRICE IS RIGHT!Aug 27, 2007
499 viewsHere is a picture of the first 2 prizes being offered during a 1990s playing of 10 Chances. What's unusual about this shot is the fact that the prizes are generally placed on a split platform that is whisked away to reveal a car. Here, 2 prizes are behind a door and the car was revealed by sliding the entire train platform to the left.Aug 27, 2007
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