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440 viewsBetty's Inspiration Putt is wide left.Aug 27, 2007
437 viewsBetty tells Bob she's a jock at heart, and Bob says "But that's not wear you wear them." Betty thinks about that one.Aug 27, 2007
429 viewsBob says that Betty is the Club Champion at LaCosta. "But not necessarily for playing golf!" says Betty. Aug 27, 2007
540 viewsTwo game show legends, Bob Barker and Betty White.Aug 27, 2007
457 views"One-Punch" Pennington thinks she may have a shot at collecting that award!Aug 27, 2007
545 views"Would you believe that? She got TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!"Aug 27, 2007
451 viewsOne punch is all you need. After a contestant won one punch and $5000, Janice got to try her luck because she said she always wanted to try to punch a hole.Aug 27, 2007
493 viewsShowcases were often accompanied by whimsical drawings of the models, Bob, or the staff (notably Roger, Fingers, Stan and Phil). Also a little brown dog would show up, engaged in some bit of business. Here Dian's vacation snapshot is shown, as they look through postcard snapshots.Aug 27, 2007
504 viewsSweet Sixteen on September 14, 1987, as TPIR begins its sixteenth year.Aug 27, 2007
473 viewsAnd after the Martians did their thing, they brought back their space capsule, loaded with prizes, back to Mars as Martian Queen Dian and a few Mars creatures brought them out. The font used on this newspaper is the futuristic Stop, which would've looked great on some game's logo.Aug 27, 2007
531 viewsLooks like Dian might just hit Bob! She always liked to poke him when he mildly put her down.Aug 27, 2007
461 viewsBob Boden enjoys the show, in more ways than one, visiting on a show taped on that other Bob's birthday.Aug 27, 2007
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