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Last additions - The Moments
441 viewsThe contestant with the highest score stood at this unusual Rainbow scoreboard during the first Showcase Showdown from the experimental hour-long shows in 1975.Aug 27, 2007
444 viewsDuring the experimental hour-long shows in 1975, the Showcase Showdown had the three contestants from each half behind this unusual prop in Contestants' Row. One by one, they would come up on stage to spin the Big Wheel.Aug 27, 2007
384 viewsActual retail price is $2,590!...Aug 27, 2007
381 viewsFor a difference of .... $900??? New math???Aug 27, 2007
413 viewsBargain price for the gas pump is $1,490....Aug 27, 2007
457 viewsIn 1990, before a explaining that "some of the prizes on the Price is Right are provided by Service Merchandise" was shown, a shot of the audience was seen with the old Price is Right logo.Aug 27, 2007
581 viewsDuring 5 Price Tags, this contestants tries to pick her own Price right off the board! Bob quickly tries to reach up and stop her, but she pulls off the tag anyway and wins the car on her first pick!Aug 27, 2007
638 viewsThe cameraman went crazy on this episode, trying to find the contestant who was called to "Come On Down!", and gets a rarely seen shot of the announcer's podium and the light box used for the show's opening.Aug 27, 2007
484 viewsBob comes over and asks Janice what's coming up next on today's show. Unfortunately, the person holding the cue card isn't around, so a clueless Janice starts making things up! Bob, of course, starts making fun of her to lighten up the moment!Aug 27, 2007
522 viewsAnother version of the Goodson Todman credit roll. Chanel, the blonde model on the right, was filling in for Holly during this week of Christmas shows in 1982.Aug 27, 2007
597 viewsHere, the credits go haywire for a moment as a glare hits the crawl board. The camera shooting the crawl board is photographing white letters on a black background. The switcher electronically removes the black area but gets confused by the sudden burst of light, causing this embarrassing effect.Aug 27, 2007
440 viewsThe original bumper logo from the very first episode of "The Price is Right" in 1972.Aug 27, 2007
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