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1723 viewsFor a very brief time early in it's tenure on the show, Buy or Sell's game board was placed on top of a giant purple base!
1034 viewsA big winner in the Dice Game, ca. early 80s Price!
777 viewsAn exciting finish to 'Superball!' The contestant landed the superball into the 'win' circle. A win with the superball was always exciting because the big doors would open one after the other as the audience cheered.
771 viewsThis is the original design for Most Expensive, the first of the game's three designs. If the signs look familiar, these are three of the four light stands used in the Five Price Tags game. A fourth price tag, not sporting a shelf for the price tag, was added for the 5PT game, and the 1-2-3 numbers were removable overlays. The bases with the red arrow motif were eventually redesigned, without shelves since Most Ex had gotten "dedicated" props.
770 viewsThe 'Phone Home Game' involved a home contestant and an on stage player. Here, the contestant didn't want to look at the amount Barker was about to reveal because she was afraid she'd missed the product that could have earned $10,000. Unfortunately, she was proven right. But in the end, the two players split $5,000.
766 viewsCheck out this unusual Bump prize reveal from 1990!
760 viewsBob hands a contestant the three pennies she'll need to play 'Penny Ante' back in early 1986.
Switcheroo758 viewsOne of the very first instances of Switcheroo being played for a 5-digit car!
726 viewsNo points for writing your guesses using the Gregg method. She's wrong, anyway! (You should all know she's wrong by now.)
719 viewsThe original Give or Keep board colorway. All the early game boards had a fixed frame design and different internal mechanisms, and varying depths depending on game mechanisms.Bonus Game, Give Or Keep, Any Number, Bullseye I, Clock Game, 2-Player Auction, and Double Digits (the first board to sport a game name) all had the same basic frame design. Money Game was an elongated variation, and Mystery Price was the first to debut a distinct design.
709 viewsHere comes Money Game on the turntable. However there is something different about this version...
691 viewsThe Range Game board started as a blue and white-colored board, but in 1976 it was repainted to better complement the green stage trappings. Take note of how high the price is...if the player let the range go all the way up, she would have won.
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