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1996 viewsAnd voila! The box opens with a simple squeeze to the side of the box to reveal the price so that only Bob can see it. These were handmade back in 1972 and have never been replaced. Apparantly a good thing, since no one can seem to duplicate them in the shop.
1836 viewsOne of the most mysterious props (and quite possibly the oldest original prop remaining) on The Price is Right: The Clock Game Price Holders. Everyone often wonders how these work. Study it for a minute and check out the next photo!
1637 viewsJohn and Scott show us a special Plinko insert that was used on The Craig Kilborn show. Tia Carrera was the guest on this November 28, 2003 broadcast.
1610 viewsHere is a closeup of the ATM used in the Credit Card game. I wonder what happens if someone were to press "FREE SAMPLES"? Enlarge the picture to see what I mean!
1573 viewsThis is the sound effects (SFX) keyboard used to make several of the sounds you hear on the show such as One Away's car horn, Freeze Frame's shutter click, and the Double Showcase win sound effect.
1542 viewsThis is the rear of an old Showcase podium. What you see on TV is not always what you get!
1517 viewsThis is called a "crawl board." It was used at the end of each show before signing off the air. It's been replaced by a graphic and is no longer used.
1506 viewsHere is the sheet that is affixed to the cash register in Grocery Game. Very simple to read and understand.
1468 viewsHere's a really cool photo of all the "generic" tags used on the show. For games like Most Expensive, the tags are actually thick plastic, and the prices of the items are the same as a Double Prices pricetag, which is simply taped to the back of these above. It's hard to see them all, but from the top we see: That's Too Much, Line 'Em Up, Magic #, the new Check Game tag, the original Check Game tag, and the three tags from Most Expensive.
1461 viewsHere are the buttons of the Grocery Game's cash register. This register is truly operated manually.
1446 viewsThis light box is used to create the sparking light effect around the border of the screen during the show's introduction.
1435 viewsThis is the computer (circa 1970s) used to register bids in contestant's row. This computer is so outdated, parts for it are no longer available and must be ordered from a junk dealer!
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