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Most viewed - Season 33/34
965 viewsAs if he doesn't do enough, Roger has the task of preparing the contestants for the Showcase Showdown. Each contestant is lined up in accordance with their winnings.
855 viewsAs you all know, the slate and lineup for the 34th Season Premiere
768 viewsHere's a photo of the back of the Big Wheel since the reinforcement bars were added to the back of the wheel to protect it
728 viewsA wide shot of The Bob Barker Studio just before the audience entered for the first show of the 34th Year on CBS!
676 viewsJohn is explaining to Producer Roger Dobkowitz that the highest number on the Cover Up board could be difficult for some contestants to reach
651 viewsA closeup of the Magic # display
633 viewsHere's Rich Fields at his podium getting ready for rehearsal
622 viewsThe first show of Season 34's airdate!
613 viewsA great photo from the back of the audience during Rich's warm up. You can somewhat get a good judgment of how small things are. This is also exactly what Bob will see whenever he has an aisle entrance.
608 viewsRoger "The Dob" Dobkowitz in his office being presented with a small gift from Marc, John, Garffreak, and the community.
602 viewsA rare photo of the hardworking crew during the setup of the Showcase Showdown. The Race Game curtain is dropped, the carpet is rolled out, and the Big Wheel soon enters through Door 2. All of this is done in about 3 minutes.
600 viewsAs Roger gets ready to check Take Two out before a show, you can see the test sequence on the display that is run through on all the games with displays
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