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Most viewed - The Models
489 viewsJanice used to surprise Bob when she handed off the mike. This day she placed a pair of fake teeth in her mouth, but Bob decided everyone should be in on the joke.
485 viewsTaster's Choice, the freeze dried coffee that looks, smells and tastes like fresh ground coffee.
485 viewsHolly on her favorite TPIR prize, the trampoline. She can't do her usual stunts because she's got the dress on.
478 viewsBefore they go to the next game, Bob and Janice gather in front of the studio monitor (note that the slate is covered up) to watch a replay of the putt. When Janice sees it, she just can not stop laughing. Just another day at TPIR!
473 viewsBob keeps Janice on stage after she whispers to him that her beloved husband, Carlos, is in the audience. Janice didn't mean for Bob to point him out, thus the look of surprise on her face!
470 viewsJanice Pennington nearly throws her back out dancing like a native to introduce a trip to Tahiti. The director had fun with her performance, alternating between shots of her gyrating hips and the art cards that showed the hotel and countryside.
469 viewsThe girls get ready to celebrate the 16th year in their kickin' Jeran fashions.
469 viewsOn one show, when Janice Pennington was ill and not able to work, Kyle Aletter filled in for her. Her mother, actress Lee Meriwether, brought her daughter to the studio and took the opportunity to hand Bob Barker his microphone.
465 viewsDid we mention Mazola was a cheater? She attempted to distract Ben Her by smacking a pie in her face.
460 viewsDian warns you not to touch her goodies unless you have money to pay for them.
458 viewsBack when it was Janice, Dian and Holly, Barker would often bring the models out for a brief conversation. He'd ask them about the men in their lives, what they did on their days off and how they stayed in such great shape.
455 viewsBut Venus girls rock!
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