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Most viewed - The Prizes
525 viewsEvery TRIP in the house! The trip signs were flipped with an "Every Trip in the House" logo, each in a different color.
516 viewsHere is a picture of the first 2 prizes being offered during a 1990s playing of 10 Chances. What's unusual about this shot is the fact that the prizes are generally placed on a split platform that is whisked away to reveal a car. Here, 2 prizes are behind a door and the car was revealed by sliding the entire train platform to the left.
490 viewsAn unusual prize being offered behind an unusual place to play Double Prices, door number 3.
457 viewsThis is a prize setup for a playing of Master Key from 1983. Nowadays, cars are placed on a riser that highlights the car as opposed to making the car level with the surrounding prizes.
451 viewsA Nissan Sentra from 1990, before Price stopped giving away foreign automobiles. Take notice of the strange backdrops behind the automobile!
428 viewsIt's Dian showing off a new Lincoln Continental from 1990! Check out the snazzy gold and ivory platform!
425 viewsThe lovely Janice Pennington and two new Ford Festivas from 1990. This was part of a showcase that retailed for only $17,000!!
421 viewsWhat's at the end of the Golden Road today? A 1976 Lincoln Continental...a car so big it took all three of Barker's Beauties to show it off! The actual retail price turned out to be just over $12,000!
415 viewsHere are two prizes revealed for the Any Number game. Instead of showing the smaller prize first, in 1977 both prizes were revealed at the same time. The car was described first, followed by the smaller prize.
412 viewsA Master Key prize reveal in the early 1990s. Prizes for this game are still presented the same way today.
410 viewsHere's something entire showcase behind one door. In this episode from 1974, the showcase consisted of Dacor scuba gear, wetsuits, 50 cans of Chicken of the Sea tuna and...a submarine! Actual Retail Price is...$3,837
408 viewsA bizarre prize from a Christmas episode from the 1980s. 3 TVs in 1? Furnished by Sampo, no less!
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