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349 viewsHere's the first car offered for bids in a 'Price is Right' showcase from the premiere episode. Mazda has come a long way, baby!
348 viewsHere's Dian modeling a Chevrolet in one of the more popular car backdrops from the mid-70's.
323 viewsWhat does this 1990 Mercury Capri convertible have in common with One of our members, JMangin, used to drive one! This car's model has been long since discontinued.
321 viewsThis was part of a showcase skit from 1990. Janice is modeling a spa, and at the same time is being attacked by an alien ship from outer space!
320 viewsAfter the giant cruise prop was retired, this smaller setup was used to present cruises during showcases and prize reveals.
316 viewsJust about once every show, TPIR would mention "The Famous Spiegel Catalog Company", It became a staple of the show for about five years until the company decided to become more upscale and withdraw their game show support. "Spiegel, Chicago, 60609" is the best remembered tag line of this company, now based in Virginia.
310 viewsCheck out this unusual prize from 1990, a full size tanning bed!
300 viewsAnd with Spiegel on board, all the other catalog houses came out of the woodwork, including Sears, Montgomery Ward, Western Auto, and "The Catalog People", Aldens, who even concluded their tag with "Chicago 60607"!
300 viewsThis is how cruises were given away in the 1980s. No canvas skins with painted destinations on them -- a giant cruise ship prop was used!
298 viewsDian is modeling this next item up for bid, an original flokati rug from Janis Imports!
298 viewsThe first item up for bids is a lawn tractor, with no model! To the winner also went a supply of soap. Since no model was present, a close up shot of the product was done. We aren't sure if this was an accident or not.
296 viewsA kit? Could they be more vague? (The prize in question was actually two pairs of Vise-Grip pliers.)
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