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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

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2892 viewsNext, we take out the directory - which is located right next to the oversized TPiR phone itself.
2438 viewsThe total of the two products the contestant chose are shown here. 55ยข leaves plenty of money to spare to make that phone call!
1987 viewsHere's a playing exactly 2 months after the premiere of Shower Game. Take note that the stalls have been updated with doors so that the prices can be easily seen by the audience in studio and at home.
1915 viewsAnd voila! The box opens with a simple squeeze to the side of the box to reveal the price so that only Bob can see it. These were handmade back in 1972 and have never been replaced. Apparantly a good thing, since no one can seem to duplicate them in the shop.
1830 viewsHere's a shot of the Telephone Game 2-part set on the Premiere of the game. Take a close look at the base of the table on the left side. The letters "T" and "G" are holding up the grocery products!
1787 viewsHere's a nice picture of Bob in front of a perfectly played win on Penny Ante. This was the first time the game was ever played!
1765 viewsOne of the most mysterious props (and quite possibly the oldest original prop remaining) on The Price is Right: The Clock Game Price Holders. Everyone often wonders how these work. Study it for a minute and check out the next photo!
1721 viewsThis is a shot from the side of the Cliffhangers board. To operate the game, it appears if a crank is turned, which moves the chain, thereby moving Hans (the mountain climber). The spot where Hans falls should the contestant lose is a cushion -- but on it somebody drew a picture of a body with bones scattered about!
1638 viewsThe old Check Out prop (with the scoreboard in a "folded" position) and Cliffhangers
1613 viewsHere's a wide shot of the full Shower Game from the turntable side of the stage. Note that the stall door with the price he's already chosen is "open."
1599 viewsHere is the back of Grand Game. The white "slide" that you see on the top of the prop controls the dollar amounts. To display $1.00, the slide is pulled all the way to the left. For each zero that is added, the slide is moved a bit to the right. Once the slide is as far right as it can go, $10,000 is displayed. Also visible are Pick-a-Pair and Dice Game.
1592 viewsWe've moved our logo in this picture so that you can take note of the "penny catcher" at the base of the prop. The clear plastic area used to be in place to catch flying pennies that would roll down the tracks when an incorrect price was selected. In this original version, there were not 3 oversized pennies given to the contestant for mistakes, but rather real pennies flying out of the price flaps!
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