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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Most viewed - Who's Got Game? (Classic Era)
451 viewsThe always tragic Double Overbid.
418 viewsWhat the...? Yes, the electric bill is paid. It's the "Every Room" Showcase! This Showcase begins with all the lights off.
404 viewsUh oh....this isn't good....[mountain climber falls off and we all get the crashing sound effect]
394 viewsStrategy can work wonders here. Do you suppose the Runner Up believes that the Top Winner has Overbid?
381 viewsW-O-W! (And she wasn't a Double Showcase winner!)
373 viewsNowadays, Double Prices is rarely played behind the Giant Price Tag.
371 viewsHey, hey! Around on the turntable comes The Bonus Game! It's the only game we still get to see spinning on the turntable.
362 viewsIn Mid-Season 32, the Showcase podiums were changed to allow the display to be on the highest part of the podium for Bob's ease so that he does not have to bend as far down to read the totals.
361 viewsThe very first day that the new Showcase podiums premiered, the runner up was exactly $100 away from the Actual Retail Price of his Showcase, making him another Double Showcase Winner!
358 viewsThis girl hit the 1.00 space TWICE for a nice $11,000 chunk of change.
351 viewsI don't even have to tell you. It's quite obvious that this contestant won himself a new Ford Explorer with just 2 choices.
347 viewsHere's a perfect Bonus Game player!
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