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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Most viewed - Who's Got Game? (Classic Era)
304 viewsHere he goes......
304 viewsHere's Bob getting mauled by friends and family of the Showcase winner. He was trying to remind everyone to have their pets spayed or neutered during this Christmas 2003 Showcase.
303 viewsHere are the 3 small prizes that will be used! The object is for the contestant to come as close to the actual retail prices as possible. If they're right, the mountain climber stays put. If they're wrong, he moves up the mountain 1 step for each dollar they're away. After all 3 prizes, if he hasn't fallen off the mountain (which ends at 25 before the mountain climber falls), the contestant wins!
301 viewsSome loyal contestants know how to play this game! Here's a winner.
298 viewsHere are the Five Price of them is the price of that truck - will the contestant win it?
294's Five Price Tags, for a chance to win a new truck!
291 viewsUh oh, not a sale. This means a loss.
290 viewsThe board flashes after a win.
289 viewsThis contestant won both Showcases, and become one of the roughly 100 contestants in history to do so. She had the second best Showcase bid in Price is Right history.
285 viewsNot good. She should have given up that $500 to move the mark.
285 viewsThis great contestant took home a Cadillac, a Pick-Up truck, and a whole bunch more!
281 views....moving on up.....
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