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What is this?

The Price Is Right LIVE is a non-televised stage version of TPIR that is currently running at a Harrah’s casino in Atlantic City; it has previously run in other Harrah’s properties in several cities throughout the United States.

Please note that this is easily the least complete section of the FAQ. The lists found here should not be assumed to be comprehensive; in fact, it’s probably safer to assume that they aren’t.

How does the show work?

Our members Timsterino, JWL, and SideshowPA, who have attended several “episodes” of the live show, have already provided excellent summaries of the workings of the show in the forums. It seems redundant for me to repeat the whole thing, so here are the links:

Tim's Reno overview

JWL's Atlantic City overview

SideshowPA's changes in 2005

Tim went to the first incarnation of the show; based on JWL’s summary, it looks like a few things have been changed since then.

Who's hosting it?

Numerous people have hosted the stage show, including Jeff Trachta, a former portrayer of Thorne Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful; Todd Newton, a rising star in the game show world; Chris Harrison, who has appeared on The Bachelor, Mall Masters, and HGTV’s Desingers’ Challenge; Marc Summers, host of the ‘80s’ most famous “kiddie” game show, Double Dare; Michael Burger, host of Match Game ‘98 (and often described as the only good thing about that show); Chuck Woolery, host of many game shows over the years, including Wheel of Fortune, Scrabble, Greed, and Lingo; Mark L. Walberg (no, not Marky Mark), host of Russian Roulette and the oft-maligned Free-4-All; Roger Lodge, a “dating expert” who has emceed Blind Date and ESPN Trivial Pursuit; J.D. Roberto, the current host of Shop ‘til You Drop; David Ruprecht, long-time host of Supermarket Sweep; Dave Price, the weatherman on CBS’s The Early Show, who apparently only did two of three planned episodes; Doug Davidson, the portrayer of Paul Williams on The Young and the Restless and the host of 1994’s short-lived syndicated series The New Price Is Right; and George Hamilton, a veteran actor who has since auditioned to succeed Bob Barker on the real show.

Who's the announcer?

The announcers have included but have not been limited to Daniel Rosen, Randy West, and Dave Walls. Daniel and Randy were both heard on the TV show in Season 32 as try-out announcers in the wake of Rod’s passing.

What pricing games are played at the show?

The same games are played every night –- Race Game, Cliff Hangers, Hole in One, and either Plinko or It’s in the Bag (which one generally depends upon the local gambling laws); since late 2004 or early 2005, some of the venues have also used Clock Game.

The prizes in some of the games are not as big as on the real show -– for instance, they are never played for cars, and there’s apparently no cash bonus in Clock Game -– but their rules are exactly the same.

If I'm a contestant on the stage show, can I still be a contestant on the TV show?

Absolutely. Apparently, though, you lose your eligibilitiy for the stage show after you’ve been to it four times.

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