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As far as this week has been going, today was an extremely pedestrian day. No DSWs, only four overbids and none that were dramatic. The only really interesting thing (other than PriceFan985 NOT winning) was that despite having the closest overall bids, FPGWillyT picked up no cash. My hosting counterpart Gatorman, and NCC-2000 did earn a total of $94,090 between them. With the playoffs coming soon, every dollar and point counts!

Chatroom Showcase Showoff Scores
May 12, 2006 - Double the Points, Double the Dollars, Double the Fun!

A decent day for me. Not that the points really matter to me, though, because all I'm looking for is money from here on out.

As most of you should know, because you were in chat this morning, Jacqueline is my wife, and I was the one who gave her her showcase bid.  I shot her a two and a six with my fingers - she thought I meant $26,626, so that's why she bid that.  My initial thought was about $27K, but I sure didn't want to go over for the real thing, so I shaved off a thousand (as I often do in here if I want the points).

I want to thank everyone who is in chat everyday, for I have learned more about pricing showcases since December than I ever knew before, and there is no way she would have won for real without all my CSS practice.  Special thanks to Robair, who welcomed me as CSS runner during my first chat, and of course to Marc, our fearless and faithful leader, whom I learned from heels' recap post shared the good news.  And thanks to whoever came up with the idea of the CSS in the first place (I forget who it was).  

I am not kidding about this - competing against everyone on a weekly basis helped hone my bidding skills, and that's just incredible!  Who says the internet is a waste of time?   :-D


I say we give gauchodirk Stage Player's score today!  Who's with me?  :-)

(And $395, while not a tragic overbid, is still no laughing matter on a Friday  :-\)

Tom, an error: my bid was $16,381 on #2. The difference IS correct, though.


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