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#1552D, August 19, 1975
« on: February 21, 2009, 07:25:28 PM »
Katherine, Theresa, Edwina, and Sandy come on down

Item #1: Recliner by Edgecombe, modeled by Dian

Sandy: $325
Edwina: $300
Theresa: $350
Katherine: $250

ARP: $289

Katherine wins and will play Hi Lo for a camping trailer by Coleman worth $2,299, modeled by Janice and the cue is a version of the CNAOS cue

Baby Shampoo
Moth Ice
Knott's Preserves
Zagnut Candy Bars
Creamette Spaghetti
First Aid Spray

1st choice: Preserves, is $0.99
2nd choice: Shampoo, is $1.49
3rd choice: Spray, is $1.95

Moth ice is $0.79, Candy is $1.09, Spaghetti is $0.87 LOSS

Nevenka comes on down

Item #2: Refrigerator/freezer by Westinghouse, modeled by Janice with supply of Texsun Orange Juice

Nevanka: $550
Sandy: $415
Edwina: $400
Theresa: $600

ARP: $520

Sandy wins and will play Most Expensive for a Stereo by Brother, Trash Compactor by Kitchen Aid, and tube bunkbeds by Huddle

Chooses the stereo

Compactor is $350, bunk beds are $471, stereo is $330 LOSS

Randy comes on down

Item #3: Microwave oven by Amana

Randy: $380
Edwina: $400
Theresa: $350
Nevanka: $352

ARP: $475

Edwina wins and will be the first to play Golden Road for a dishwasher/range by Modern Maid, modeled by Janice, a piano by Wurlitzer, modeled by Dian, and a Jaguar convertible

Product is Aunt Jane's pickles, are $0.83

Dishwasher/range: price is $_40, guesses the 8, is right
Piano: price is $1,_25, guesses the 4, is right
Jaguar: price is $10,_63, guesses the 5, is wrong, price is $10,263

Wins dishwasher/range and piano


Top Winner: Edwina
Runner Up: Sandy

Showcase #1:
Richardson Pastel Mints
Dining room by Pulaksi of Virginia
Carpeting by Walter Carpets
Cleaning system by Walvac
Brass bed by Sunshine

Edwina passes, Sandy bids $3,750

Showcase #2:
Surfer's Showcase (Surfin' Safari by the Beach Boys is the cue)
Surfboards by Surf Line
Trip to Hawaii
Dune Buggy by Race Prep

Edwina bids $3,800

Edwina bid $3,800, ARP is $4,390, difference is $590
Sandy bid $3,750, ARP is $3,771, difference is $21 DSW!!

Sandy wins both showcases and a total of $8,682

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Re: #1552D, August 19, 1975
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I just want to say thank you for the information that you have been shared. this was really an informational one! Thanks a lot! I am hoping that this will not be the last post that I could be read written by you.

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Re: #1552D, August 19, 1975
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Ah, the debut of Golden Road. Very nice recap.