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19th Season Premeire: Sep. 10, 1990
« on: September 08, 2006, 10:04:40 PM »
This is my very first attempt at a recap. I hope you guys like it!

It is September 10, 1990. Revivals of Tic Tac Dough, The Joker’s Wild, Let’s Make A Deal, and To Tell The Truth are on the airwaves. MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” & Nelson’s “Love & Affection” rule the pop music scene. And most importantly (at least to this board), The Price Is Right kicks off it’s 19th season…

“Here it comes! Television’s most exciting hour of cash & prizes! It’s the fabulous 60-minute Price Is Right!

Sally Brewister, COME ON DOWN!
Rex Rogers, COME ON DOWN!
Mary Johnson, COME ON DOWN!
Angela Montoya, COME ON DOWN!

You are the first four contestants on The Price Is Right!
And now, as we begin our 19th year on CBS, here is the star of The Price is Right, BOB BARKER!”

IUFB: Honda NS50X Motorcycle

ARP: $1,798

Angela goes up to walk the GOLDEN ROAD for the most expensive prize ever offered on The Price Is Right, at over $57,000! (How times have changed…)

It starts with a box of, in Bob’s words, “Crispy Crunchy Treats” (has the word "Munchies" written on the bag…
…moves on to a Whirlpool Microwave…
…then an RCA 46” Stereo Monitor TV…
…and finally, a Cadillac Allante Convertible!


Angela picks the 4.
ARP: $413
She's right!

She picks the 3.
ARP: $2,349
Angela gets a chance at the car!

She picks the 9...
ARP: $57,283
She loses the car.

Before we cut to commercial, we get a special appearance from Mark Goodson!

He thanks everyone involved, and the Beauties wheel out a special trophy for Bob. It reads: “Bob Barker: 18 Consecutive Years as the Distinguished Host of America’s Favorite Game” Mark also says that if he does come back for another life, he wants to come back as Barker’s dog. Bob reminds him “I close every show with a spay/neuter plug!”

“Rocky Gray, COME ON DOWN!”

IUFB: JVC Stereo System
Rocky: $850
Mary: $900
Rex: $1,000
Sally: $975

ARP: $1,300

Rex comes up to play PLINKO!

Hoover Brush-Vac, priced at $95
Rex thinks the 5 is right.
ARP: $65. RIGHT!

Presto Salad Shooter, priced at $80
Rex picks 0.
ARP: $50. RIGHT!

Sunbeam Can Opener, priced at $15
Rex picks 5.
ARP: $35. RIGHT!

Norelco Electric Razor, priced at $71
Rex picks 7.
ARP: $75. RIGHT!

Rex gets all five chips, but how well does he do with them?

Try 1: $1,000
Try 2: $500
Try 3: $1,000
Try 4: $0
Try 5: $0

That’s a $2,500 payday for Rex.

“Norma Frankel, COME ON DOWN!”

IUFB: Pair of Sam Moore chairs, along with Murine eyedrops
Norma: $950
Sally: $1,350
Rocky: $1,351
Mary: $1,352

ARP: $1,450

Mary wins, and is the first to play GALLERY GAME!
The prize is a Hoverjet hovercraft.
$7_87 is the price painted under it. The distinguishing mark is on the far right; looks like a portion of a 3 or 8.
Mary paints a three in the space.
ARP: $7,387

And Mary becomes the first Gallery Game winner!

Showcase Showdown #1!
Rex: gets 80, stays
Angela: gets 50, spins again to get 5, final total: 55
Mary: gets 10, spins again to get 45, final total: 55

Rex wins!

“Kathleen Rowell, COME ON DOWN!”

IUFB: JVC Camcorder
Kathleen: $1,300
Norma: $1,200
Sally: $1,250
Rocky: 1

ARP: $1,599

Kathleen comes up to play Barker’s Bargain Bar for…

A trip to Acapulco (6n at Fiesta Americana), $1,554
A trip to Alaska (6n at Anchorage Hilton), $1,696

Kathleen thinks Alaska is the bigger bargain…

Acapulco’s ARP: $1,854, for a bargain of $300
Alaska’s ARP: $2,296, for a bargain of $600

Kathleen’s a winner!

“Richard Poole, COME ON DOWN!”

IUFB: Heart Rate VersaClimber Stepping Machine
Richard: $1,350
Norma: $1,400
Sally: $900
Rocky: $1,401

ARP: $1,295

Sally wins, and plays Dice Game for a new Pontiac Sunbird coupe!

First number is: 1
First roll: 2, goes higher
Second roll: on the line, has to roll again
Re-roll: 4, goes higher
Third roll: 2, goes higher
Fourth roll: 4, goes higher

ARP: $11,545
Oh, the pain! Sally loses by just one number.

“Christy Francis, COME ON DOWN!”

IUFB: A Hooker Furniture Queen Anne Entertainment Cabinet
Christy: $1,290
Rocky: $1,425
Richard: $1,500
Norma: $1

ARP: $1,284

Norma wins! She’s playing Bullseye for a brass bed, with Symbol mattress and Yaramond sheets, worth $8,685

Today’s Bullseye products:
Dove Beauty Bar
Ruffy’s Pastel Waste Bag
Creamettes Spaghetti
Dean’s French Dip
Hershey’s Golden III chocolate bar

Norma takes 11 soap, each is 89c, ends up with $9.79
Norma takes 4 spaghetti, each is $1.59, ends up with $6.36
Norma takes 10 dip, each is 79c, ends up with $7.90

Well, so much for that. But maybe she can find the hidden bullseye!

Is the hidden bullseye behind the soap? NO!
Is the hidden bullseye behind the spaghetti? NO!
Is the hidden bullseye behind the dip? NO!

It was with the trash bags.

Showcase Showdown #2!
Norma: gets 70, stays
Sally 30, spins again to get 10, final total: 40
Kathleen’s first spin doesn’t get all the way around!
gets 50 on her second try, and then her next doesn’t get all the way around!
Spins again to get 50, final total: $1.00!!!

Kathleen's bonus spin: 35

It’s now time for the Showcases. Kathleen is the top winner, Rex is the runner-up.

Showcase 1: No theme
Harrington House Dining room group
Royal Prestige 45 pc. China set
Super deluxe Espresso/Cappucino machine
Conway Emeraldo 300 Spa

Kathleen keeps it, and bids $16,000

Showcase 2: The Wonderful World Of Automation
(Every prize is introduced by a robot pulling a curtain painted with gears, and The Pointer Sisters’ “Automatic” is played)
Panasonic Breadbaker
Yamaha disc controlled piano
Buick Regal Custom Coupe

Rex decides to bid $19,500

So now, let’s see who’s today’s winner.

Rex bid $19,500, ARP of Rex’s Showcase: $26,806
That’s a difference of $7,306

Kathleen bid $16,000, ARP of Kathleen’s Showcase: $14,118

She’s over, and Rex wins! He takes home $30,831 in cash & prizes. Everyone comes on stage in front of Rex’s new Buick, cutting the cake to the tune of Kool & The Gang’s “Celebration”. An awesome ending to an awesome episode.

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Re: 19th Season Premeire: Sep. 10, 1990
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2006, 09:21:01 AM »
Very good, SuperSaver! I wouldn't mind seeing more recaps from you!
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Re: 19th Season Premeire: Sep. 10, 1990
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Thanks a bunch! I'll try to do some more then.  :-D