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Frank's Price is Right: Episode 15--THE END

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We're just going to continue on here without missing a beat, folks, just continuing right from where we left off.

Now, before our little technical difficulties, we had BRB_TheFireball up on stage, playing Card Game.  And we'll just pick right up from there!  Though Rich, would you please be so kind as to remind Fire what he is playing for?

Rich:  Right, Frank, it's a truck.  Specifically, a Honda Ridgeline RT, a 4-wheel drive 4-door crew cab, and it comes with standard features and a V6 engine.

And everyone may remember that you had the car price up to $15,800, so please light that back up.


And then, you drew this card.

The ace of clubs.  And of course, with this card, you can make your bid on the truck anything you wish, so long as it's not less than $15,800.  So Fire, you could just say how much you want to make the ace specifically, and you could continue drawing... but I'd assume you probably just want to flat-out tell me what you want to bid on the truck, right?  So just go right on ahead and tell me what you want your bid on that truck to be.

[color=0000FF]*Images deleted.[/color]

I heard somebody in the audience yell out $26,000, so I'll bid that and stop.


All right, Fire has decided on a bid of $26,000 for the truck.  And Fire, you must be within $3000 of the price without going over in order to win.  And Fire, the actual retail price of the truck...

The one that's right over there.

The one that you may win.


$27,770, for a difference of!


$1770, and you are a winner, Fire!  That's your new truck over there, congratulations!  We'll try to make it a 5-out-of-6er after this!


Rich, we need one more player.  Can you provide?

Rich:  I can if BuddyTom is around, come on down!   You're the next contestant on The Price is Right!

And Buddy ol' Pal, here come the lovely Holly and the lovely Janice with the next item up for bids.

Rich:  And the lovely Holly and the lovely Janice are bringing on out an exquisite waste receptacle.  From Safco, this plastic waste receptable, or garbage can to be un-PC, has a 38-gallon capacity and lovely aggregate panels to give the appearance of beautiful pebbles to make your home feel more like the outside of a grocery store.  Also includes a 12-inch stainless steel ash urn built into the lid.

And Buddy ol' Pal, you can start us off here.


[color=0000FF]*Images deleted.[/color]

oooh, a industrial strength garbage can. I'll bid $625 please.



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