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Frank's Price is Right: Episode 15--THE END

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Twenty bucks? I thought Frank was out of his budget crunch... :D

Well... at least I'm reasonably sure we're not going to have an overbid here!  But I just offered a $27,000 truck... the budget trouble is news to me too, Army!

[color=FF9900]BuddyTom:  $625[/color]
[color=00CC00]rcbought:  $20[/color]

Well, we have no idea where Jade's been:  don't think he's been around since we left the old forum, has he?  Either way, 30 hours are up, so Britey, wind it up for us!

[color=FF9900]BuddyTom:  $625[/color]
[color=00CC00]rcbought:  $20[/color]

Well, much as I love breakfast, I really don't want to be part of the I'm crossing my fingers and going with $626.

[color=FF9900]BuddyTom:  $625[/color]
[color=00CC00]rcbought:  $20[/color]
[color=0066FF]LiteBulb88:  $626[/color]

We'll see, Britey, we'll see... the actual retail price of the garbage can is...

$521, and amazingly, rc has won with his $20 bid!  And rc, I want you to just stand right beside me.  Just stand right there, and your prize is way over yonder!

Rich:  A luxurious living room group.  From, their Golden Living Room set comes with an ornate sofa, two ornate chairs, an ornate end table, and an ornate coffee table, all with gold trim.  It's a prize package worth $29,386!

And you are going to play Cliff Hangers!

See that mountain climber?  You will win that living room group if you can save this little guy's life.  You see, we have three prizes over there, and you have to guess the price of each one.  He'll climb one step up the mountain for every dollar you miss the prices.  Why does he do this?  We have no idea.  But there are 25 steps on the mountain, so as long as you do not miss the prizes by a total of more than $25, he won't fall of the mountain and die, and you will win that lovely living room!  And to help you out, Rich, would you tell rc about the prizes in today's game.

Rich:  All right Frank, today we have this, the HH Scott SCR120 EZ Set clock radio, with a digital readout that automatically sets itself, even adjusting for daylight savings time.

Then, a collection of five books from the Disney Fairies' series, including Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg and The Trouble with Tink.

And finally, from Cuisinart, the SCO-60 deluxe can opener is made from stainless steel.

And now, I want you to give me the price of the clock radio, and just the clock radio.  I want you to get as near to the price as possible.  Again, the mountain climber will go one step for every dollar you miss the price, so what do you believe to be the price of the clock?

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