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Frank's Price is Right: Episode 15--THE END

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After Rob's showcase was revealed to be $24,000 even, I had a sneaking suspicion that my showcase would also be $24,000 even.

Aother great show, Frank!  :-)

Great job as always!  I'm enjoying my Lite Brite & membership in the exclusive FFFBC (Frank's First Four Breakfast Club).  And yeah, I had noticed you liked to have a retired game on your shows which is why I picked Hurdles...but after Bump came out first, I knew I was in trouble because:

1.  It wasn't Golden Road, my first pick.
2.  My pick of Hurdles was gone, as I haven't seen more than one retired game on any of your shows.
3.  With Hurdles gone, it meant you were going to play a GP that I didn't have.
4.  The only reason I didn't pick a cash game was due to the G-R pick; once Bump came, I had a feeling a cash game was coming.

All that from just the first game :-o.  This is why I don't do the normal FPGs :-).

The first showcase was surprisingly easy to make worth exactly $24,000.  The second showcase took me forever to get a combination of prizes that worked, though.  I wasn't intending for it to be a 5-prize showcase, either, but it just kinda' worked that way.

You've really put a lot of thought into that, Britey!  Good job there, and yay for being the one person to put a retired game in your lineup.  Just didn't work out.

Oh well, 1 for 6 on predictions (Cliffhangers, and I think I had it second instead of fifth.  Better than nothing, and I suppose $10,000 isn't bad either.


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