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Eleanor, Charlotte, Kathy, and Kenneth come on down

Item #1: Bar set by Riverside with Supply of Frostie Root Beer, modeled by Holly

Kenneth: $700
Kathy: $750
Charlotte: $500
Eleanor: $450

ARP: $899

Kathy wins and will play Grocery Game for a trip to Holland, modeled by Dian with Language traslator, modeled by Holly worth $3,346

Kraft Mac and Cheese dinner
Archway Dutch cookies
Dinty Moore Beef stew

1st choice: Beef stew, buys 4, one is $1.19, 4 is $4.76
2nd choice: cookies, buys 4, one is $0.89, 3 is $3.56, total is $8.32 LOSS

Zenith comes on down

Item #2: Freezer by Amana with supply of ice cream, modeled by Holly

Zenith: $490
Charlotte: $425
Eleanor: $400
Kenneth: $500

ARP: $620

Kenneth wins and will play Danger Price for a Movie camera and projector by Hanimex, a rocking horse, a microwave/range by Caloric, and a kitchenette, modeled by Janice and Dian and Big Banana Remix is the cue

Danger Price is $400

1st choice: Range, is $980
2nd choice: Kitchenette, is $400 LOSS

Barbara comes on down

Item #3: Ceiling fan/light by Encon, modeled by Janice

Barbara: $325
Zenith: $280
Charlotte: $350
Eleanor: $351

All have overbid

Barbara: $220
Zenith: $190
Charlotte: $250
Eleanor: $225

ARP: $271

Charlotte wins and will play Ten Chances for cookware, a washer/dryer by Speed Queen, modeled by Dian and a AMC car, modeled by Holly and the Family Feud theme is the cue for the car

1st chance: Cookware numbers are 5 0 3, guesses $50, is wrong
2nd chance: Guesses $35, is wrong
3rd chance: Guesses $53, is right
4th chance: washer/dryer, numbers are 4 2 0 9, guesses $490, is wrong
5th chance: Guesses $920, is right
6th chance: Car, numbers are 2 0 5 9 8, guesses $5,920, is wrong
7th chance: Guesses $5,290, is wrong
8th chance: Guesses $5,098, is wrong
9th chance: Guesses $5,089, is wrong
10th chance: Guesses $5,280, is wrong, price is $5,820

Wins cookware and washer/dryer

Showcase showdown #1:

Kenneth: First spin is .05, second spin is .35, total is .40
Kathy: First spin is .50, second spin is .70 OVER
Charlotte: First spin is .05, second spin is .80, total is .85

Charlotte goes to the showcases

Eva comes on down

Item #4: Lady's watch by Jules Jurgensen, modeled by Dian

Eva: $375
Eleanor: $400
Barbara: $350
Zenith: $420

ARP: $350

Barbara reaches into the $100 pocket and will play Squeeze Play for an electric tricycle, modeled by Janice

Numbers are 13695, removes the 6 for a price os $1,395 LOSS

Price is $1,695

Beverly comes on down

Item #5: Backgammon game by Tryon Inc, modeled by Dian

Beverly: $320
Zenith: $270
Eva: $255
Eleanor: $1

ARP: $317

Zenith wins and will play Secret X for a game room including a pinball machine, a pool table, and a VCR worth $3,785, modeled by Dian

Places free X in upper right

1st prize: Dustbuster by Black and Decker, $30 or $40, guesses $40, is wrong
2nd prize: Bowling balls $99 or $85, guesses $85, is right, places X in lower left

Secret X is on top LOSS

Eleanor has been in the row from the start of the show. She has one more chance to make it out. Should she fail, she will be banished to the First Four Breakfast Club. As that wasn't bad enough, there is a skunk singing Chevalier(What is "Chevalier" anyway) on the way into studio 33.

Norma comes on down

Item #6: Dishwasher by Maytag with supply of Electrasol, modeled by Janice
Norma: $550
Eva: $426
Eleanor: $290
Beverly: $500

ARP: $505

Eleanor heads off to the FFBC clubhouse while Beverly wins and will play It's Optional for two Chevorlet Chevettes, modeled by Dian and Holly and Bean Stalker is the cue

Car #1 is $4,715, car #2 is $5,740, difference is $1,025

AM/FM radio
Power Brakes
Remote Sport Mirror
Tilt Steering Wheel
Air Conditioning
Custom Cloth Interior
Auxiliary Lighting
Tinted Glass
Automatic Transmission

1st choice: Air conditioning, is $530
2nd choice: Radio, is $100
3rd choice: Mirror, is $25
4th choice: Automatic Transmission, is $320 ALL HAIL BEVERLY!!!!

Showcase showdown #2:

Zenith: First spin is .30, second spin is .80 OVER
Barbara: First spin is .85, stays
Beverly: First spin is .60, second spin is 1.00 OVER

Barbara goes to the showcases


Top winner: Charlotte
Runner Up: Barbara

Showcase #1:

TPIR department store:
Desinger Bed by Namaco industries
Refrigerator/freezer by Amana
Stereo console by Soundesign
Piano by Story and Clark

Charlotte passes, Barbara bids $4,500

Showcase #2:

Sofa by Bernhardt
Desk by Riverside
Projection TV by Muntz
Boat by Marquis

Charlotte bids $7,500

Charlotte bid $7,500, ARP is $10,148, difference is $2,648
Barbara bid $4,500, ARP is $6,470, difference is $1,970

Barbara wins her showcase and a total of $6,920