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October 14, 1987: Bob's Last-Ever Dark-Haired Show
« on: September 17, 2009, 10:09:19 AM »
We all saw this coming: that Bob would stop dying his hair and let it go white. This is my first time ever doing a TPIR recap, so here we go...

First Four: Julie, Michael, Angela, Jeannine

Before the first IUFB, Bob has the audience say "Helloooooooooo, Shirley!" (Paul Alter's wife)

IUFB 1: Outdoor Playset
Julie: $1100*
Michael: $750
Angela: $799
Jeannine: $450
ARP: $1220

PG1: Lucky $even--Played for a Renault Alliance
First Guess: 7 (Actual number: 8; $6 left)
Second Guess: 5 (Actual number: 7; $4 left)
Third Guess: 4 (Actual number: 7; $1 left)
Fourth Guess: 0 (Actual number: 8; Julie goes broke!)

Second Calldown: Thomas

IUFB 2: Range (Winner also receives Your Life DailyPak for Men)
Thomas: $795*
Michael: $950
Angela: $669
Jeannine: $670
ARP: $869

PG2: Check-Out--Played for a Bedroom Group ($3,200)
Handi Wipes: $.69 (ARP: $1.19) -$.50
Niagara Spray Starch: $2.00 (ARP: $1.29) +$.71
Reeses Peanut Butter Chips: $2.25 (ARP: $1.79) +$.46
Creamettes Spaghetti: $.95 (ARP: $.93) +$.02
Gas-X: $3.00 (ARP: $2.07) +$.93

Grand Totals: $8.89 (Actual Total: $7.27)
Difference: $1.62

(Notice that Rod didn't say the "Use as directed" line for the Gas-X, which would've been required for such products today)

Third Calldown: Queen

IUFB 3: Hand-Painted Trunk
Queen: $650
Michael: $850
Angela: $1100
Jeannine: $851*
ARP: $900

PG3: Poker Game--Played for a Dinette, Washer/Dryer, Color TV and Exerciser
Jeannine's Picks: Washer/Dryer ($898), Color TV ($799)
Her Hand: 99988
She chooses to keep her hand
Remaining Prices: Exerciser ($399), Dinette ($400)
House's Hand: 99004

Thomas: .20+.25=.45
Julie: .05+.20=.25
Jeannine: .25+.30=.55
Jeannine is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Barbara

IUFB 4: Tennis Gear
Barbara: $500
Queen: $650
Michael: $475
Angela: $450

Barbara: $375*
Queen: $350
Michael: $351
Angela: $369
ARP: $442

PG4: Double Prices--Played for an Armoire
Choices: $3,262 or $3,849
Barbara's Pick: $3,849
ARP: $3,262

Bob and Rod discuss Rod's weight loss, in which Rod teases Bob that he has lost 70 pounds, when in reality, he only lost 69! Bob is not happy with this, and then Rod has trouble pronouncing the name of the next contestant.

Fifth Calldown: Artenchis

IUFB 5: Chaise Lounge
Artenchis: $379
Queen: $895
Michael: $600
Angela: $900*
ARP: $1000

PG5: Temptation--Played for a Dodge Shadow, and these four prizes...
Gift 1: Entryhall stand ($850)
Gift 2: Dishwasher ($499)
Gift 3: Sewing Machine ($799)
Gift 4: Portavideo Videocassette Player ($300)
Total Value: $2,448
Picks: 8, 9, 7, 0

No changes

She goes for the car...

ARP: $8,470

Now Michael, who has been in Contestant's Row since Bob's entrance through the Big Doors, is down to his final chance to win his way on stage. Otherwise, he'll be sent to the dreaded FFBC. How will this last One-Bid turn out?

Final Calldown: Alexandra

IUFB 6: Electric Guitar
Alexandra: $600*
Artenchis: $1175
Queen: $1200
Michael: $800
ARP: $739

And Michael is going to the FFBC...Meanwhile, Alexandra proceeds to scare and annoy the hell out of Bob during her time on stage. Bob must be thinking in his mind: "Oh no, not another Samoan!" (After all, we all know what Pauline did to him some seven years earlier, when she notched the first-ever Grand Game win.)

PG6: Alexandra is going to play Plinko for a chance to win up to $25,000 in cash!!!
SP 1: Mop (Wrong Price: $49; Pick: 9) ARP: $19-WIN!
SP 2: Baby Bottle (Wrong Price: $95; Pick: 5) ARP: $55-WIN!
SP 3: Scale (Wrong Price: $41; Pick: 4) ARP: $47-WIN!
SP 4: Citrus Juicer (Wrong Price: $56; Pick: 6) ARP: $26-WIN!

First chip: $0
Second Chip: $100
Third Chip: $500
Fourth Chip: $0
Fifth Chip: $500
Grand Total: $1100

So on Barker's final show before his hair turns grey, we only have one win out of the six pricing games.

Barbara: .55+.75=OVER
Angela: .75
Alexandra: .40+.50=.90
Alexandra is going to the Showcase!

(During the CNAOS plug, Rod says "Use only as directed" for the nasal spray, which is the second of three products described)

Top Winner: Jeannine
Runner-Up: Alexandra

Copy machine, Greenhouse, Ski boat
Jeannine passes; Alexandra bids $16,000

RC Airplane, Motor Scooters, Cruise to the Caribbean (starting at Fort Lauderdale)
Jeannine bids $12,000

ARP of Alexandra's Showcase: $19,675 (Difference: $3,675)
ARP of Jeannine's Showcase: $8,563 (OVER)

Alexandra wins $21,661 in cash and prizes today!

Bob Barker saying goodbye, everybody...for the last time with his jet-black hair. He'll go on a blind date and have his hair turn grey on the next episode.