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Starting on Friday, Nov 6th at 11AM EST, the latest CSS Bonus Feature will go into effect.


This will give one player a chance to double ALL points earned for the week.  
Here's how it goes.

Each week between Friday at 11AM EST and the following Monday at 11 AM EST, all CSS players who wish to participate should submit a guess via PM to BigJon of what they think will be the TOTAL CUMULATIVE SHOW WINNINGS FOR THE ENTIRE UPCOMING WEEK, Monday - Friday (non-repeat episodes) according to the daily recaps posted by Joe_Capitano within the First Run TPiR sub-forum. Any guesses submitted outside of the 72-hour submission period will NOT count. Only the 1st guess submitted for any player will be considered.  The deadline for submitting bids for any week will be at 11AM EST on Monday of the upcoming week.

A player is declared the WWD winner if his/her guess is closest to the ACTUAL WEEK'S TOTAL WITHOUT going over AND is within $15,000 of the ACTUAL WEEK'S TOTAL.  That player will have all point earnings for that week DOUBLED.  This is on top of any other type of multipliers such as a Plinko Doubler, DSW, QSW, Blitz, etc.

Due to the difficulty of earning it, this special reward MAY NOT neccessarily be won each week.

If an aired show is a rerun, then the total winnings for that day's show will be deducted from each player's weekly guess amount and that amount will NOT be counted towards the cumulative total for that week.

In the event the WWD Winner has earned no points during that week of play, the player with the next closest guess meeting the "WWD WINNER" requirements will have all point scores doubled for that week.

In the event of unlikely event of a tie, the player who submitted their guess  1st will be the winner.

If no player falls in the WWD Winner criteria, then no one will be awarded the bonus for that week of play.

So in a nutshell, starting Friday at 11AM EST and ending at 11AM EST on the following Monday, the submission period will be open for each CSS player to submit a guess of what they think the total winnings will be during the entire set of the upcoming week's shows.  If you are are closest without going over and within $15,000 or less of the actual total, you will have all points score doubled for that week of play.
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