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CSS Leaderboard: Season 6 - After 14 Weeks / 64 Games
« on: December 28, 2009, 04:20:25 AM »
Bear with me as I'm just getting back in town after a 14 hour drive.  And have been away from the computer for some time (lots of red errr coal to enter into this spreadsheet)

Looks like a disaterous X-Mas eve, man, i'm mad I was outta town.  I should've been here to keep Kev from hogging most of the cash this week, except for our host who netted 100K+ on X-Mas eve

Mikebev, sneaks up to within .74 of the top spot on the leaderboard (Man, if he'd ONLY bid 2K LESS in WWD, he would be sitting at the top with a 7+ pt lead with a near perfect 100pt average.  A few new players this week, but apparently, they haven't been introduced to these massively overpriced showcase as they averaged 12.55 pts this week.

Only 1 playing next week, as we go into 2010, how about '10 x the points?  LOL J/K... or am I?

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